NCBON Continuing Competency

The NC Board of Nursing now has an official site for Continuing Comptency

Tools for PHNs

The language and examples in the NCBON materials generally relate to clinical practice as opposed to population health skills. As a result, tools have been developed to assist you in fullfilling your NCBON licensure requirements from the perspective of public health nursing.

These tools were developed by: The NC Division of Public Health, the Committee on Practice and Education of the NC Association of Public Health Nurse Adminstrators, the NC Public Health Academy and the Southeast Public Health Training Center.

Step 1: Review the Quad Council Public Health Nursing Competencies. You may also want to review the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) Reflective Practice Re-Licensure requirements.

Step 2: Assess your skills.

A self assessment tool is available that can help you to assess your professional development needs—in terms of both your NCBON requirements and the Quad Council Public Health Nursing Competencies. It may be accessed and completed online or downloaded.

Please note that recently we were experiencing a technical difficulty with the online asessment. That problem is now fixed.

Downloadable version

Step 3: Develop a learning plan.

Once you have assessed your current skills and identified your professional development needs, develop your learning plan. You can utilize the sample learning plan. This is based on the NCBON learning plan.

Step 4: Search for learning opportunities.

Once you have developed your learning plan, you find learning opportunities at: NC Public Health Academy School for Public Health Nurses.