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Tool Box for Public Health Nursing Competencies

Validation of PHN Skills/Tasks Competency

Employee Skill Validation Policy Template

Employee Skill Validation Checklist Template

2015 Validation of Staff Competency Memo by Phyllis Rocco

Validation of Nursing Competence:  What Does It Mean For You? NC BON article

Sample Competency Tools (Please contact your DPH Program Nursing Consultant for more information)

PHN Core Competencies

American Nurses Association (2013).  Kulbok, P., Reed, al., (2013).  ANA Scope and Standards of Practice: Public Health Nursing, 2nd Edition. The Publishing Program of ANA, Silver Spring, MD. ISBN: 13: 978-1-55810-490-7.

Quad Council Competencies for Public Health Nurses

Crosswalk Core Competencies PHN Tier 1

Core Competencies for Public Health Nursing – Free Webinar
Contact hours available until July 24, 2015

Competency Training for NC Public Health Nurses
YouTube video of the NCAPHNA regional meeting

PHN I Clinic Nurse Sample Job Description

Linking Core Competencies to Annual Reviews

PHF Core Competency-Based Job Descriptions

Public Health Nursing Manual

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