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A note from Phyllis Rocco, Chief Public Health Nurse and Branch Head:

“Welcome to the North Carolina Public Health Nursing website. This website was developed as a resource for all NC nurses regardless as to whether you are practicing as a public health nurse now or if you are considering a future in public health nursing.

I love public health nursing, and this is the reason why: Public Health Nursing is the science of applying the nursing process to individuals, families, and communities. Public Health Nursing allows the nurse to see the client as part of the community in an interactive, symbiotic relationship and gives permission to the public health nurse to  weave interventions to improve the client’s health and the community’s health through client-centered  care while recognizing the assets or challenges the environment is bringing to bear on the client and the community. Public Health Nursing considers all determinants of health in the community and actively partners with others to bring about positive change.”

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