POlicy DEvelopment

North Carolina Local Health Department Policy on Policies

The agency Policy on Policies should be used to guide the development of all organizational Policies and Procedures. It will also guide and set the process for review, revision, and staff training on agency policies. Per the NC Local Health Department Accreditation Self-Assessment Instrument (HDSAI),

“The policy on policies should include:

  • Guidelines on how the board of health approves agency policies (including which go to the board of health vs. health director)
  • Detail on format for policies
  • Protocol for establishing a new policy (including resource assessment)
  • Detail on where policies are kept and how staff can access them
  • Detail on how staff are informed of changes in policies
  • Detail on how revisions are tracked.”

2023 NC Local Health Department HDSAI

Policy and Procedure Guidance


Policy and Procedure Development 

Policy and Procedure Practical Applications

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