Nurse Specialist II #3152- Greensboro


Nurse Specialist II #3152- Greensboro

$56,355.00 - $68,190.00 Annually
1100 East Wendover Avenue Greensboro, NC
Job Type
Full Time
Public Health
Job Number
10/19/2020 11:59 PM Eastern

The nurse in this position functions independently under state and agency guidelines and policies in specialty roles and generally without onsite supervision. Work is performed under the direction of a Nurse Services Supervisor or Nurse Services Manager.

The Nurse Specialist II has acquired all competencies of Nurse Specialist I.  Nurse is performing in a lead role on a regular basis in a clinical or community setting.  Specialist II works closely with the Nurse Manager or Nurse Services Supervisor in the review of clinical/community services and needs. .  Additional training in area of specialty may be required.  Work is distinguished at this level from the Nurse Specialist I by regular lead roles and coordination/accountability of services provided during clinic and community operations. In the community setting it is distinguished due to the autonomous roles of the nurse working independently in the community setting making critical decisions with no onsite supervision. The Nurse Spec. II plans and implements services to meet physical, mental and social needs of the client. In the clinical setting, the nurse performs duties autonomously which require specialized training.

Essential Duties and Tasks
• Serves as a regular charge nurse in clinical setting. Works in the community setting.
• Triages clients to determine needs/priorities, utilizing independent judgment, and critical thinking skills
• Coordinates and assures clinic flow.  During clinical operations, Specialist II directs and evaluates the work of ancillary staff.
• Provides training to new staff members assigned to clinical/community area in developing and planning of on-going nursing health care programs in areas of specialization.
• Provides input into training needs of other RN's and ancillary staff.
• Provides input into evaluations of subordinates.
• Works closely with the Nurse Services Manager or Nurse Service Supervisor in the review of clinical services and needs.
Serves on Community Based committees and advisory boards
• Serves on review committees at the end of clinics to evaluate client assessment and treatment plans and follow up.
• Attends in-service education programs at the Public Health Department and workshops in other facilities to keep abreast of current knowledge in nursing and related fields. Must maintain roster status as Enhanced Role Register Nurse.
• Attends meetings of agencies and organizations whose work is related to the public health program.
• Practices autonomously under approved medical protocol, which include State and Nationally recognized guidelines. Practices autonomously out in the community and in the schools.
• Administers treatments as ordered by M.D.
• Teaches groups and patients.
• Establishes clinic goals, policies, procedures, and guidelines with the supervisor.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of public health nursing, of measures and techniques used in the prevention of communicable diseases, and of the scope and general purpose of the program of health education and administration.
  • Considerable knowledge of the sociological aspects of community life.
  • Considerable knowledge of epidemiology and preventive measures for disease.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and with other professional personnel and ancillary staff.
  • Ability to interpret and explain the value of public health nursing services and to obtain individual and collective public cooperation.
  • Ability to make independent nursing assessments and judgments.
  • Ability to perform physical assessment skills if assigned to clinic. THIS COULD BE COMMUNITY OR CLINICAL.
  • Ability to plan, coordinate the work of others, and display strong interpersonal skills.
  • Highly motivated and independent in decision making.
  • Ability to perform Non-Stress Testing/Fetal Monitoring on a maternity client after certification.
  • Ability to perform well physical exams for adults or children; and also sexual health exams on adults/teens.
  • Ability to lead clinical and ancillary staff to perform duties efficiently.
  • Ability to investigate communicable diseases in the community setting
  • Ability to case manage clients with active tuberculosis and latent TB infection
  • Ability to collaborate and have knowledge of community resources for clients and their families.
  • Counseling, mediation techniques and crisis intervention skills
  • Case finding, case management and advocacy skills
  • Knowledge and implications of Social Determinates of Health
  • Ethnic and cultural sensitivity
  • Competent of healthcare delivery systems and concepts of primary care

Examples of Duties

The primary purpose of this position is the prevention of communicable disease for the citizens of Guilford County including sexually transmitted diseases, vaccine preventable diseases and immunizations, and HIV as well as other reportable communicable diseases by providing customer service in the clinical area and community. Utilizes skills of a registered nurse in promoting wellness through clinical care to men and women in a Clinical Services Program medical setting. Assess medical, social and psychological history and make appropriate referrals to providers, social worker, nutritionist, substance abuse counselor as indicated. Interpret Provider's physical findings and prescribed treatment or medication This position has a key enhanced role in providing STI exams on patients in the STI Clinic and Adult Physical Assessments in the Refugee Clinic.

Typical Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a BS Degree in Nursing (BSN), which includes a Public Health nursing rotation and 6-12 months of professional nursing experience in a public health setting or related environment, preferable with 12 months demonstrated experience in specialty area; OR, an Associate's Degree (ADN) with 3 years experience in a public health setting or related environment;  Experience may include education in the form of workshops, certification, and/or graduate programs related to the clinical area of specialty.

Experience working in health department or medical clinic settings; proficiency in technology and computer skills;  prior training for an Enhanced Role Nurse in Adult Assessment and STI Care.

Possession of a current license to practice as a Registered Nurse issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing or another Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact State (eNLC) and such other qualifications which may be prescribed by the State Department of Public Health.

Documentation of immunity to: measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox, per CDC recommendations.  Screening/proof of Hepatitis B immunity, as recommended by the CDC. 

All Public Health staff are required to have annual Flu immunization (shots) each Flu season.

Driving is Essential
Driving is an essential requirement of this position whether driving a County owned or personal vehicle to conduct county business.  Motor Vehicle Reports may be verified for valid driver's license and that the driving record is compatible with the county's driving criteria.
If a personal vehicle is operated for county business proper insurance is maintained as per Guilford County's vehicle use policy.

Supplemental Information

Physical Demands and Work Conditions
Sits, walks and stands during a workday.
Practices good body mechanics.
Must be able to physically perform the basic life support functions of walking, fingering, grasping, talking, hearing, and repetitive motions.
Must be able to lift patients (children) and objects up to 30 pounds as required for some positions.
Must have the visual acuity to record observations and physical assessments of clients, to read and interpret test results, administer immunizations/prescription dosages, and record medical findings.
  Nurse may occasionally be in contact with difficult patients, may be exposed to infection from disease-bearing patients, and specimens, and will have periodic exposure to hazards in the field (driving, rural or inner-city settings, inclement weather, clients).  Work conditions may be mildly disagreeable if working in poor home environments or with difficult patients.

Special Note
This generic class description gives an overview of the job class, its essential job functions, and recommended job requirements.  However, for each individual position assigned to this class, there is available a completed job description with a physical abilities checklist which can give further details about that one specific position.  These documents should be reviewed before initiating a selection process.  They can provide additional detailed information on which to base various personnel actions and can assist management in making legal defensible personnel decisions.

Summary of Benefits

Guilford County Benefits Overview for Benefit Eligible Employees

Health Insurance (United HealthCare)
Shared cost.
Dental Insurance (Interactive Medical Systems)
Choice of Basic or Enhanced Coverage options. Shared cost.
Vision  Insurance (Envolve)
Covers eye exams. Voluntary; 100% Employee-Paid.
Flexible Spending Plan (Interactive Medical Systems)
Pre-tax treatment of anticipated medical and dependent care expenses. Voluntary; 100% Employee-Paid.
Life Insurance (UNUM)
•  $10,000 100% County-Paid
• Supplemental term available up to four times annual salary (max. $300k). Voluntary; if elected, County pays for up to5.33 per pay period; employee pays remainder.
• Dependent term insurance is available. Voluntary; 100% Employee-Paid.
Disability Plan (Hartford)
After 21, 90 or 180-day waiting period, replaces up to 60% of earnings. Voluntary; 100% Employee-Paid.
North Carolina Local Governmental Employees Retirement System (NC State Government)
Pays monthly benefit at retirement after meeting age and service criteria.
Employees contribute 6% of pay; County contributes amount set by State of NC.
401(k) Plan (Prudential)
The County will match up to 5% of pay to a 401(k) account.  Employees may contribute. Taxes on contributions and earnings are deferred until retirement, unless Roth option is chosen.
457 Plan (Prudential)
Employees may contribute to a retirement savings account.  Tax deferred until retirement.
Voluntary; 100% Employee-Paid.
Paid and Unpaid Leave Benefits
• Holidays* Based on State of NC schedule; 12 paid holidays each year.
• Vacation* Employees earn from 12-24 days per year, depending on length of County service.
• Sick Time* Employees earn 12 paid sick days per year. Unused sick leave counts toward retirement.
• Other Leave Certain authorized absences may qualify employee to take a paid or unpaid leave, such as School Parental Leave (4 hours per school year per child), Civil Leave (Jury Duty), and Military Leave.
• Family and Medical Leave After one year of employment, up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year is available when an employee or family member is sick, or for the birth or adoption of a baby. (Federal Mandate)
Other Benefits
Direct deposit, tuition reimbursement, discount programs, credit union membership.
*All paid leave time for part-time employees is prorated based on scheduled number of hours     
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Which best describes your level of education?
  • Associates in Nursing
  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Masters in Nursing
Are you a Registered Nurse in North Carolina?
  • Yes
  • No
How many years of experience do you have as a Registered Nurse?
  • 0 to less than 6 months
  • 6 months to less than 1 year
  • 1 year to less than 2 years
  • 2 years to less than 3 years
  • 3 or more years
How many years of experience do you have as a lead worker in a specialty area? (please indicate on application)
  • One year or less
  • More than one year, less than two
  • More than two years less than three
  • Three years or more
Do you have experience with immunizations?
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Do you have an Enhanced Role Nurse Certification?
  • Yes
  • No
Do you have any experience working in a local health department clinic setting?
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  • No
Are you currently licensed as a foster parent through Guilford County DHHS or any other private or public agency?
  • Yes
  • No
Are you currently fostering any children in your home?
  • Yes
  • No

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